Hi, I am Ruth Porter.

My passion for photography was sparked in my early teens when my mom gave me her old Kodak camera. Photographing the many locations, I lived growing up helped me keep a printed timeline. My younger brother was usually my favorite subject. That is until I got my first national photography gig for Disney On Ice in my early 20’s. After three tours, I decided to take a break and get off the road to settle into “the real world” with a family. I picked it back up after the birth of my beautiful daughter. I love capturing the strength and beauty of women, from boudoir, birth, to family and events, all over the state of Texas.



“Ruth is one of the sweetest ladies, she made my wedding a breeze, even though almost everything that could go wrong did. She fixed my makeup herself, dealt with horrible lighting, tornado touch downs, and power outages and still delivered the most amazing photos! And when I went back for my boudoir session she made me feel so confident and so at ease! I’ll cherish the photos she’s given me for a lifetime, I can’t recommend her enough! -Alex H.”

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